Nevotex Group acquires company in Norway

Nevotex Group acquires company in Norway

Subsidiary Nevotex Norge AS is set to acquire all shares in RIAM Örsta AS from 02-01-2021. This means that Nevotex Norge AS will also take over the business Fjord Fabrics AS.

The dedicated and experienced team at Nevotex Norge will focus on fulfilling all of Fjord Fabrics AS’s commitments to its customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

“Here at Fjord Fabrics it feels like a hugely positive step that a big, professional player like Nevotex is now coming in to further develop what I and my skilled employees have built up over many years.”

/Elling O. Rem, Former owner of RIAM Örsta AS

“The time to come will involve bringing together existing and new employees. Our collective bank of knowledge and expertise will be used to continue developing the current operation, but will also yield new customer and supplier relations.”

/Kjetil Klokk, Managing Director, Nevotex Norge AS

“Together we will become a strong player on the market. As one of northern Europe’s leading total suppliers within the interior design sector, we want to continue to develop, expand and identify new opportunities here at Nevotex. And that’s what we’re doing now, in the Norwegian furniture and interior design industry.”

 /Thom Nilsson, CEO, Nevotex AB



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Many warm thanks to all our customers, partners and suppliers for this, special year that we have experienced and been a part of. We are many who have had to adjust and adapt.

We want to send our humblest thanks with hope of a fine ending of year 2020 and wishes for a better new year in 2021.

Take care!

Merry christmas and a happy new year!


Linkime Jums gražios vasaros!

Linkime Jums gražios vasaros!

2020-ųjų vasara tikriausiai visiems bus šiek tiek kitokia nei buvusios anksčiau, tačiau mes tikime, kad šią vasarą Jūs sukaupsite daug naujų puikių prisiminimų ir pasimėgausite nuostabiu oru bei maloniomis atostogomis!

UAB “Nevotex” kolektyvas vasaros metu dirbs nuo 08:00 iki 16:00 valandos pirmadieniais – ketvirtadieniais bei nuo 08:00 iki 12:00 valandos penktadieniais.

Kadangi mes taip pat svajojame apie smagias vasaros atostogas, visiškai nedirbsime mūsų kolektyvo atostogų laikotarpiu nuo 2020 m. liepos mėn. 27 d. iki rugpjūčio mėn. 09 d.

Nesivaržydami naršykite mūsų prekinės produkcijos tinklalapyje bei nedvejodami kreipkitės norėdami įsigyti norimą produktą!


Maintenance on webshop

Maintenance on webshop

During the evening on Wednesday, updates need to be done in our server environment. It affects our digital catalog and e-commerce – the webshop.

You can notice some disturbance for a while.
(Work starts at 17:00 and lasts for at least 3 hours.)
On Thursday everything will work as usual again.